Our Story

Ixchel textures was born in Guatemala in 2012.

Federica, an italian artist and herbalist and a wanderlust soul, was travelling through the Mayan highlands and happened to encounter some outstanding weavings from the Coban region . Meanwhile, she was meeting groups of women artisans  and few elder weavers in the area of Lake Atitlan who were dyeing their textiles with plant extracts, collected in their natural surroundings .

Here’s where the inspiration sprouted.

Federica spent two years living on the shores of magical Atitlan, meeting with the dyers and learning their techniques as an apprentice, while starting developing with the weavers designs and patterns of textiles based on their traditional skills.

Our mission

Ixchel mission is to create exquisite handcrafted garments through reviving the tradition of hand making, while supporting incredibly skilled weavers in the rural areas of Guatemala.

We work ethically and consciously, providing employment to artisans and paying them with fair wages, and using natural dyes or certified low impact dyes, which are ecologically sustainable due to their absence of toxic components.

Each piece of Ixchel is handmade and takes few days to be woven, giving life to a unique, precious, and long lasting garment with a soul.

We work in a slow fashion system, in harmony with nature and humans rythms of life. We believe that this modus operandi, retrieved from the past, is the future of fashion industry.